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I am a 55 yr. old Mother of 4 and Grandmother. Involved with bringing about the recognition of Native Americans in a positive and informed light,Veterans issues, senior citizens, the disabled, & children all these issues are important to me. I believe in fairness and equality for all. I am concerned about the environment and what we as individuals can do to care for the earth and each other. I believe in the power of prayer& unity and believe strongly that though I am one we are many.I am Tsalagi(Cherokee) my name in Tsalagi is ULAGAHASTI UNOLE ALISGIA or translated Fall Wind Dancer. Also, visit me at myspace:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

To My Children Wherever and Always

Just a short but sweet way to say I love you all 4 of you and I will until time itself is no more. I laid down my life to bring you here and I wish I had done more to make it easier for you. But the one thing you must all have no doubt about is I love you and I always will. No matter how you treat me, no matter how you act, no matter what you do ,or have done ,you are mine . I will always love you. I may not always agree with you or accept your behaviors but my love is unconditional. My respect however is....... My prayer for you is unending love,health,happiness, prosperity, compassion for all . My dream is that one day I will open the front door at Thanksgiving or Christmas and you will all be there with my grandchildren and the party will be on....... If there were one gift you had the power to give me that is what I would wish for....... No more nic nacs or perfume, just my children and grandchildren ,a Christmas tree, a turkey, and alot of singing and praying together ,with the past forgiven, and future before us ,in love and peace. this is the gift I wish from you so if you ever care enough to read what I write or do something to really make a difference , well this is it. Hope one day this dream of mine will come true. That just once more before I pass over we can be together again without any of the hurt from the past bleeding through. A true end and a long needed beginning. Love Mom


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