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I am a 55 yr. old Mother of 4 and Grandmother. Involved with bringing about the recognition of Native Americans in a positive and informed light,Veterans issues, senior citizens, the disabled, & children all these issues are important to me. I believe in fairness and equality for all. I am concerned about the environment and what we as individuals can do to care for the earth and each other. I believe in the power of prayer& unity and believe strongly that though I am one we are many.I am Tsalagi(Cherokee) my name in Tsalagi is ULAGAHASTI UNOLE ALISGIA or translated Fall Wind Dancer. Also, visit me at myspace:

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The perfection of woman

Never has there been a creation so wonderous as woman. Warrior, Mother, advisor, huntress so many things is she that limitation does not exist in her vocabulary. These are some beautiful examples of Indigenous women as well as a lesson that most have ignored or forgotten.


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